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Presented by David Pembroke of contentgroup, InTransition is a weekly podcast dedicated to the practice of content communication in the public sector. Every week David interviews a leading expert in this area, ranging from government communicators to journalists to agencies working with public sector clients.
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Presented by David Pembroke of contentgroup, InTransition is a weekly podcast dedicated to the practice of content communication in the public sector. Every week David interviews leading experts in public sector communications from policy makers, to agencies with government clients, to journalists and technical specialists. The world of communications is changing, be part of the transition.

Jul 4, 2016

Bob Pearson is the President of the W2O Group, a group of 3 marketing and communications companies. Prior to working at the W2O Group, Bob Pearson was the Vice President of Communities and Conversation for Dell, where he developed their first global social media efforts. Bob also worked as Head of Global Corporate Communications for Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Bob recently wrote Storytizing: What's Next After Advertising?, where he explores how messages proliferate through society. Bob is also a frequent speaker on digital marketing at the Syracuse Center for Social Commerce and the U.S. State Department’s Marketing College. In this episode, you'll learn how to find the people who drive the majority of conversation, easy quick wins for government and public sector communicators, which no one can object to, and why 43 people drive the majority of shared conversation for Harry Potter.

Jun 27, 2016

Jon Cohen is the Vice President of Survey Research at SurveyMonkey. Jon Cohen has a long history of experience in surveys and research. Jon was the Associate Survey Director of the Public Policy Institute of California, Assistant Director of Polling Unit for the American Broadcasting Corporation News, Director of Polling for The Washington Post, the list goes on. Before he started at Survey Monkey, Jon was the Vice President of Research at the Pew Research Center, an independent research organisation. Jon’s experience in survey design is extensive. In this episode, you'll learn why you should think of research as a strategic investment, how do you get people to understand the value of research, why research is part of the process of effective content marketing, and how you should invest in research.

Jun 21, 2016

Kristen Kavalier is the Senior Director of Research and Analytics at Sprinklr, a social media software company valued at over US$1 billion. Kristen Kavalier has worked on technology projects for government, non-for-profits and the private sector as a Consultant, Manager, and Product Manager for Acumen Solutions. Previously, Kristen was the Vice President of Customer Relations for NewBrand, a social media intelligence company. NewBrand went on to be acquired by Sprinklr last year. Kristen’s expertise is in listening and understanding customers and citizens to help organisations make better decisions. This interview explores how the District of Columbia pioneered a transparent government by publishing the good, the bad, and the ugly feedback of local government agencies.

Jun 13, 2016

David interviews two people who are doing amazing work at the London Borough of Bexley. Anne-Louise Clark is the Head of Organisational Development and Internal Communication for the London Borough of Bexley and Ellen Care is the Internal Communications Officer. Anne-Louise and Ellen discuss how design thinking has changed the way their local government operates.

In this episode, you'll learn:
2:20 What is the Bexley Innovation Lab? (And how it is different from anything they have done before)
3:51 Why is design thinking different to government's business-as-usual? And what are the steps in design thinking?
6:35 How was design thinking received by the London Borough of Bexley?
9:25 A problem design thinking solved which traditional processes could not (and saved the Borough of Bexley money)
11:56 How to increase the use of government services
14:41 What is User Research? (And why it can be better than surveys and focus groups)
18:32 How do you know if you're solving the right problem?
22:20 How does design thinking change the way internal communications is run?
26:58 The struggles of getting government to adopt design thinking (and how you can overcome these challenges)
29:23 How User Research overcomes survey fatigue

Jun 6, 2016

Scott Alexander is the Digital and Content Marketing Lead at the City of Boroondara in Melbourne, Australia, a local government with a population of over 170,000 residents. Scott Alexander manages a team of 9 content creators for both internal and external communications. Prior to working for local government, he worked in content creation and social media management in the production industry for companies such as Madman Entertainment and Media World Pictures. Scott has written and produced multiple award-winning short firms. In this episode, you learn: the marketing funnel of local government, how to target content to the right part of the funnel, and the types of content and channels which are getting the City of Boroondara the best results.

May 30, 2016

David Fricker is the Director-General of the National Archives of Australia (NAA). David Fricker began his career at the Australian Customs Service before moving to the private sector. David worked on major Federal and ACT Government projects in defence, science, immigration, finance and health on information systems, strategic planning and project management. David joined the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) in 2002 as Chief Information Officer and later as Deputy Director-General. In 2012, David Fricker became the Director-General of the Archives to lead the digital archiving transformation. In 2014, David became the first Australian to be elected the President of the International Council on Archives.

This conversation explores the importance of archiving and how it relates to public sector communicators. With the Archives possessing an information asset of over AU$1.46 billion, David Fricker understands the value of information.

May 23, 2016

Kim Moeller is an Executive Director of Synergy Group Australia, where he specialises in change management. Kim previously worked as Associate Director for KPMG Australia and Consulting Director for Oakton. Kim’s experience in change management is extensive, where he has worked on projects for the Department of Defence, Department of Health, Australian Customs, Telstra, and more. Kim is currently the ACT Chapter Lead of the Change Management Institute. You'll learn the 'big levers' of successful organisational change and how you can use benefits realisation to show your boss the value of communications.

May 16, 2016

Anil Chawla is the Founder & CEO of ArchiveSocial, a civic tech company which specialises in social media archiving and risk management for public agencies. ArchiveSocial has archived records for hundreds of government entities including the City of Chicago, the State of North Carolina, and the U.S. Department of Justice to increase government transparency and record-keeping. Anil Chawla has over 10 years of experience in the software industry, working for companies such as IBM. Anil Chawla founded ArchiveSocial with the mission to give organisations protection and control of their own social media data. Topics include the regulatory requirements and legal reasons why you must archive social media,  how much Facebook data is disappearing every month and how to manage the risks of social media.

May 9, 2016

Dr David Marshall has over 25 years’ experience in the media industry. David Marshall started as an on-air personality on local radio to eventually become General Manager of radio stations in Adelaide, Sydney and Canberra. He then transitioned to Chief Executive of the Canberra Tourism and Events Corporation, where he worked on major events for the ACT Government. David is now Director of Talkforce Media and Communications Strategists, where he works with government and private sector organisations around Australia in media training and strategic consultancy. In 2015, David completed his Ph.D. in Communication and Media Studies on Prime Minister John Howard’s media and communication operation. You learn the foundation of the Howard Government's communications strategy, how they stayed in power for so long and how you can apply these lessons to your communications strategy.

May 3, 2016

In this podcast episode, we try something different. Davidanswers some of your questions on content marketing in governmentand the public sector. David digs into how we have applied thecontent marketing methodology to some of our public sector clients.David talks about how content marketing is being used by the boththe New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territorygovernments to achieve their objectives. How do you make thebusiness of telling your story a priority? How do you streamlinecontent marketing in an environment of competing priorities andlimited resources?

Apr 25, 2016

Gina Ciancio is the Senior Social Media Adviser for the Department of Human Services. Gina Ciancio joined the DHS as a Public Affairs Officer and rose to join a specialised team in digital and social media. Gina also spent a short period working in the UK in marketing. This interview is taken from a live webstream at the ACT Digital Hub in Gungahlin Library back in 2014. In this episode, you'll learn where the Department of Human Services is getting it right, an example of where the DHS has used content marketing to achieve an objective, where to get your stories from and how to make policy interesting to civilians.

Apr 18, 2016

David interviews James Kliemt, Senior Digital Media Officer for the Queensland Police Service. James created and maintains the largest Police Facebook page in the English-speaking world. He grew this Facebook page to three quarters of a million likes in a state with a population of 4.5 million. James Kliemt has received many awards for his leadership in social media by State Government, Federal Government and independent sources. James also led award-winning projects for police blogs and a real-time emergency management website for the State of Queensland. In this episode, you'll learn: the paper that convinced the QLD Police to start social media, how social media became the go-to news channel for the QLD floods (one of Australia's largest natural disasters in decades) and the QLD Police's future with social media in the next 6 months.

Apr 11, 2016

David interviews Kate Bradstreet, a communications consultant with over 15 years experience in the industry. Kate has advised on several projects for the Prime Minister and Cabinet including the Prime Minister’s National Ice Taskforce and Reducing Violence against Women and their Children. Prior to founding her own consultancy firm, Kate was the Senior Director of Online Communications for the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. Kate Bradstreet also spent several years with the Australian Federal Police, rising to become the Commissioner’s Chief Media Advisor, where she advised on such high-profile events as the second Bali bombings and crises in East Timor. In this episode, you learn: How do you sustain interest in topics such as domestic violence. How stakeholder mapping is used to track the conversation. How do you get a seat at the table with the executives? Why you should do government communications as a consultant (and how to succeed). How can you add research into your content marketing strategy?

Apr 4, 2016

Mitch Joel is one of the world’s foremost advocators of digital marketing. Mitch Joel is the President of Mirum, a global marketing agency that operates to close to 20 countries with over 2,000 employees. He is the host of the popular podcast Six Pixels of Separation, which recently celebrated its 500th episode. Mitch is the author of two books on the implications of the new media. His last book CTRL ALT Delete, which was named one of’s best business books of 2013, examines how businesses and marketers can capitalise on the interconnectedness of modern society. Mitch Joel has been named one of the top 100 online marketers in the world

In this episode you'll learn:
2:40 The secrets of podcasting
7:29 How to be successful in today's marketing environment
9:42 How to not suck at publishing
19:32 How to be effective when you start content marketing
28:30 Mitch Joel has advice for you and large organisations

Mar 28, 2016

Martin Schipany is the Head of ‘City Communications’ for the City of Vienna’s Press and Information Services. Martin started working for the City of Vienna as a Press Officer before becoming an Editor in the Press and Information Services, eventually to rise to the Head of the sub-department ‘City Communications.’ Martin has also been the Head Press Officer for a political party in the Vienna State Parliament. Martin recently completed his Executive Masters in International Media Innovation Management. Martin’s thesis was on the necessary criteria, instruments and processes to implement a municipality’s content marketing strategy.

In this episode you will learn:

9:01 How do you get the attention of the political media officers to tell them that there is more to life than speaking to the media?
10:00 Why all government departments should be completing a citizen journey discovery
13:32 Where Europe is in their adoption of content marketing
15:53 Recommendations on how the City of Vienna can improve their content marketing strategy (you can apply these too to your government department)
21:33 Why the communications team should be close to the leadership
27:47 How do you convince government to adopt digital?

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